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Exploring MODFLOW : A simple graphical interfacing the USGS numerical code MODFLOW. MODFLOW is the most popular and widely accepted groundwater modelling tool around the world. Understanding the basics of numerical groundwater modelling enhances the capability of model users, enabling them to trace the sources of modelling errors. Exploring MODFLOWR is a simple but useful training tool that interfaces with the USGS numerical code MODFLOW. Exploring MODFLOW is intended to help groundwater practitioners understand the basics of numerical groundwater modelling using MODFLOW.
Who can use Exploring MODFLOW ?
Key Features
System Requirements

As a training tool to understand the basics of numerical groundwater modeling using MODFLOW.

Who can use Exploring MODFLOW?
Exploring MODFLOW can be used by environmental professionals, teachers, and students.

Key Features:
Exploring MODFLOW graphical interface has the following key features :
Interactive flow package descriptions
Easy to use flow package editor and file management
Toggle options for multiple package file editing
MODFLOW96 and MODFLOW 2K execution
Output display window
Introductory tutorial
Online numerical modeling resources and reference documentations all at hand with a simple click in Exp Modflow interface
Technical Support

Screenshot :

Below is a screenshot of Exploring MODFLOW graphical interface:

System Requirements :
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

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